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Nurses are trained to take care of others, but often forget themselves. We help nurses make better decisions for their health, relationships, and lives so they thrive in their career, find a healthy work-life balance, and feel empowered for years to come.

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What We Offer

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Copper-Fabricated Stethoscopes

Top-quality stethoscopes fabricated with copper, a commonly available substance that reduces contamination by killing harmful bacteria and viruses, so you can stop spreading disease.

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A 7-Day Meditation Experience

Downloadable guided meditation tracks designed to help you learn how to let go of your habitual thoughts and take control of your life by opening yourself up to the possibility of a paradigm shift.

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The Stronger Nurse Network

Real-Life connections with other nurses lead by Ashley, who has lived through the stress, learned to thrive (and laugh) within it, and offers advice about how you can do the same no matter where you’re at.

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Harness Your Power to Change the World

Nurses spend all their time taking care of other people, often at the expense of their own health, sanity, and relationships. Even when you know what you need to be doing to avoid one day becoming a patient, it’s too easy to not take care of yourself.

At Stronger Nurse, we believe changing the world starts with building stronger nurses.

That’s why we create programs, tools, and services that empower nurses just like you to improve their lives in each of the 5 key areas of Stronger Nurse: Emotional Intelligence, Financial Independence, Peace of Mind, Physical Fitness, Love for All Humanity—without asking you to sacrifice your time and money in return.

Whether it’s a meditation program to help keep calmer in a world that grows more hectic by the day, or fabricating stethoscopes with copper because copper keeps you safer by combating the germ resistance to antibiotics, Stronger Nurse has tools that make your job a little easier, so you can stop worrying and do the work you love joyfully.

We know that by making your life better, we’re making the world better.

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Download 5 Hacks to Become a Stronger Nurse

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The Stronger Nurse Core Values

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We maintain a positive outlook and are in command of our conduct. 

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We do what is right regardless of the cost.

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We are individuals standing on our own dignity and merit.

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We coexist in harmony as equals. 

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We laugh at ourselves with others because we don’t take ourselves seriously.

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We are constantly improving ourselves and learning new skills. 

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Nurses are Stronger Together

Learning to navigate the field of nursing is challenging—especially when you’re just starting out. You’re going to face hundreds of daily challenges that will not only test your passion for the job, but also your ability to stay sane, healthy, and someone other people like to be around in the process.

At Stronger Nurse, we believe nursing is a path best experienced with a guide on your side.

What better way to travel than with someone who knows the twists and turns, can tell you which people you meet along the way are best avoided, and will lift you up when all seems lost?

When you’re surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals who have learned how to thrive as nurses, you’re more likely to set yourself up for long-term success without running the risk of becoming a patient yourself one day.

Because this career is lifelong and takes a toll on even the most rugged among us.

To keep the fire burning through the darkness, you’ll need to develop your character, become stronger without judgment, and surround yourself with the very best tools and people. That way, when you arrive at your destination, you can become the guide for the people behind you.

Learn more about the Stronger Nurse community by joining our community, Stronger Nurse Network, or following us on Facebook.

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Download 5 Hacks to Become a Stronger Nurse

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Our Promise to You:

  • Your value will always exceed your investment in time or money
  • Your tools will always be useful, high quality, long lasting, and fully vetted by our team, whether products or services
  • Your information and privacy are safe with us and will never be seen as a commodity
  • You’ll forever have someone on your side to help you laugh through the pain, whether through memes, personal stories, or genuine understanding 

Get to Know Amazing Ashley

I'm a wordsmith.
I'm Strong and Fearless.
Strong AF
SMART and Forceful
No means NO!
I’m Fierce and Free
Fierce AF.
(HeHeHe 😉)

Ashley Asberry Cartoon Vector

What made you become a nurse?

I am the oldest of 6 children in a single mother household. My mother is a registered nurse and my hero. Because of nursing, my mother was able to elevate our lives out of poverty. Her nursing knowledge taught me life skills that have continued to keep me healthy and safe. She taught me the value of service and how it can transform lives. 

What's your favorite favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of the job is the energy felt from the human connection experienced through patient care. I am wiser because each connection teaches me more about the zest of life. It keeps me humble and grateful for the present and the future.

What lessons have you learned as a nurse?

I learned to embrace life every moment of every day. I have learned that my health is my wealth, that I should cherish this priceless gift because once it is damaged it cannot be repaired; all the money in the world cannot repair a sick, debilitated body and mind. I learned that I can age with strength, grace and dignity while maintaining a fierce independence. I learned to forgive and live because life is too short, too precious and too amazing!

How has being a nurse changed you?

Nursing has made me stronger. I live a life of truth with integrity. I am extremely patient and tolerant. I am less critical and judgemental towards others. I am more open minded to others points of view and I listen with empathy. I am a kinder, gentler person. I accept everyone regardless of our differences. I love the humanness of everyone.

Why did you start Stronger Nurse? What does it mean to you?

When I was a new graduate, I struggled to adapt as a nurse. Despite my mother being a nurse, she did not give me any tips, tricks or strategies to guide me through the first 5 years of my career. My internship and preceptors did not prepare me for the emotional, mental, physical, financial, or relationship rollercoaster I would encounter. I made numerous mistakes and I had no resources or support system to rely on. I felt alone and I struggled with transforming into the kind of nurse I wanted to become. The experienced nurses were unkind, condescending and impatient. There was no guidance to help me navigate what I did not know and what I wanted to learn. I had to self-educate myself by sink or swim.

Nurses are the face and the force of healthcare. With that comes great responsibility to our families, our communities and ourselves. We should be resilient enough to withstand burnout—yet we are not. Stronger Nurse is for the person who wants to stay strong when they are in a pickle. Stronger Nurse was created to empower the next generation of nurses. Stronger Nurse is a supportive community for aspiring nurses, new nurses and graduate nurses. I don't want anyone to suffer from the debilitating mental anguish usually experienced during the early years of nursing.

Being a stronger nurse means you are courageous. It means that you are fearless. You challenge yourself, take responsibility for your actions, and proactively seek solutions. One day, my family, friends or myself will require care from a nurse. When that happens, I want a Stronger Nurse. 

What’s a fun fact about you?

As a kid, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I loved to color and draw. As an adult, I have started to develop my skills as an artist. It is a form of meditation for me. I enjoy coloring books, acrylic and watercolor painting. I get my inspiration from the local arboretum. When I paint, I wear a beret. 

Amazing Adesuwa

The Storyteller

An incurable creative:
Passionate, driven, innovative.
Channeling her storytelling
To narratives that're compelling.
She's followed the Network from inception
And drives home the mental perception
Of what it means to be a Stronger Nurse,
Painting the picture with intrepid words.


Designer Extraordinaire

I'm curious
I'm detail oriented.
I can do magic with colors & visuals.
I'm attentive.
I'm articulative.
I'm artistic.
I'm Fabulous.
I'm Fun.
I'm Faithful.